Q:  What is STE(A)M:uL8! and why is it so spelled so funky?

A:  STE(A)M:uL8! is integrating STEM plus the Arts (which includes Music) into the traditional fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The typography and logo conveys the infusion of energy, creativity and excitement (“!“).  The “u” and parenthesis () represent inclusion, collaboration, and working together.  The colon “:” and “L8” are nods to modernism and how youth and technology change our culture.

STE(A)M:uL8! is a play on the word STIMULATE, which is precisely what we’re trying to do for our region;  STE(A)M:uL8! creative, innovative community engagement, attract and retain 21st Century talent, showcase modern Industrial Arts, foster entrepreneurialism, economic development, and enterprise creation for the entire River Valley region.


What is the Schedule for the public events?

STEAMUL8! 2016 Schedule

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