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STE(A)M:uL8! won’t be an insanely great without U!  Get IN:volved… Volunteer to #BEtheCHANGE!

The STE(A)M:uL8! event is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and the centerpiece of the event is the FIRST Robotics Competitions’ Stronghold!  From the arts, to the music, to the STEAM fair and the robotics competition, we’ll need lots of volunteer helpers…

To sign up as a FIRST Volunteer, go here:

Be sure to initiate the background check, its FREE!   All FIRST Volunteers are screened for the students’ safety.

FIRST is a Volunteer-driven and -operated organization, and it’s success is a direct result of the extraordinary commitment of individuals who give their time and resources.  Bringing STEAMuL8! and FIRST Stronghold to Columbus will do more than provide a weekend of inspiring entertainment. This event will show local teachers, parents, and students that they can be part of co-curricular activities where they use what they learn in class to perform real tasks in a fun and safe environment.  You can be part of that!

And, we can’t do it without volunteers to support the number of teams coming to town.

How can you be involved?

There are tons of roles you can play, depending on your interest. In fact, we’ll need over 80 volunteers a day in total, JUST for the FIRST competition!

Are you an engineer, a mechanic, or interested in sharing your knowledge of technology and building?   We
need robot inspectors, judges, and roles advising teams on the machine shop, the spare parts kits, and assisting the inspectors and field managers.

Have you retired from teaching?  Are you just someone with an authoritative voice and great organizational skills?  You would be great to help with queuing teams and crowd control.  Or manage the practice field.

Do you enjoy talking with the public or young people?  You can serve in non-technical roles, to include being a FIRST Ambassador, Interview room runners and attendants for the various phases of competition and guests/volunteers, managing or just assisting at the safety glasses table or Pit administration, or work with the volunteer or VIP/Media check-in and public information tables.

Just want to hang out behind the scenes?  Be an Awards Assistant or help with managing the Load-In / Load-Out of the teams.

Feeling like you just don’t have a technical background but you’ve got physical ability to lift and move things around?   We need you, too!  We need help setting up and tearing down the field, as well as people to reset the field pieces between matches.

Got a background in safety?  We will need Safety Inspectors and Advisers.

Need something else?   Use our Contact Us page.

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